Lorenzo Pellegrini

"I’m enjoying the ride in my new QUICKIE Nitrum. The chair is light and the rigid frame makes it ultra-responsive. The Nitrum just fits my lifestyle!"

My name is Lorenzo, and I spent my whole childhood in Garfagnana, a picturesque area in northwest Tuscany, that is full of small, beautiful medieval villages.

In July 2012, after only 10 days at my new job in a paper factory, a pallet of paper fell on me. Immediately, while crushed by many kilos of paper, I said: "I don't feel neither heat nor cold".

After this turning point, a different story began. During my rehab I made friends with many other people in wheelchairs who became my role models! Through them I discovered great adaptive sports like water skiing, swimming and even boxing. I developed a special passion for wheelchair basketball; I still play it today and help my team whenever I can!

My QUICKIE wheelchair became my springboard. I started travelling and, luckily, met my girlfriend Irene, the best thing that ever happened to me in my life! We discover the world together and face the few limits we meet on our way with a smile.

USA, India, Seychelles, Iceland and Cuba - we travel wherever we want, as I know I can rely on my chair! We share our experiences in our travel blog and show others that many places in the world are accessible and that it is possible to have great adventures.

Another matter of personal importance for us is Tanzania. We were working on an aid project and wanted to fly there again. Unfortunately it was postponed due to COVID-19, but our memories from 2018 remain, when we were there and got to know these wonderful people.

I still live in Tuscany, feeling that the universe is extraordinary, that nothing happens to us by chance and that life is a continuous discovery. I feel especially lucky because, now more than ever, every day is another ride...

Lorenzo Pellegrini: https://www.facebook.com/viaggiaruotalibera

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